• Michal Cohen

Welcome to Noshpitality

Welcome to Noshpitality!

I'm Michal, and I'll be your host for this evening, and hopefully, many more evenings to come.

Noshpitality was born out of a boring desk job, and a passion outside the office - namely, food (nosh) and hospitality.

Despite not having any actual children, I believe I was born a Jewish mother. Since college, I've had a strong passion for food and cooking and found myself constantly shoving my homemade treats down people's throats, all the while refusing my own mother and grandmother's advances. How's that for multi-tasking?

I started posting photos of my creations on Instagram and after many DM's, requests for recipes and requests for more content, a website where my posts could live felt like the logical next step.

So with pride, I bring to you my very first born, my website. My hope is that Noshpitality becomes a place where you can come to seek inspiration and guidance. Whether it be what to make for dinner, tips and tricks for entertaining friends, or even what cookbooks I'm loving at the moment. If you've got any ideas or questions, shoot me a line! michelle@noshpitality.com I'd love to hear from you. This is a #safespace.


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