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All The Home, Kitchen & Entertaining Things I bought on Amazon in 2017

Ahhh..my Amazon history. Inspired by Between Carpools I decided to do a deep dive into my Amazon history for all the home and kitchen things I've purchased in 2017. (The things we do in the name of journalism.) I must say one's Amazon history is both an enlightening and completely harrowing place to be (I spent how much?!) but nonetheless fun and of course I've found several things I plan to reorder. This list is looooooong so let's get started, shall we? (PS - click on the underlined text for shoppable links!)


The food processor that I bought in K-Mart in college finally dies on me. Rather than buy a nicer, newer model, I buy literally the exact same one. It might be the cheapest one out there and it does exactly what I need it to do. Possibly because of all the foods I've been processing, I notice my kitchen sink is getting very clogged. I order this sink strainer and it solves all my problems. Bonus, when it gets very gunky I just run it through the dishwasher. Based on the fact that I ordered this Tamarind paste, I seem to have made some lachmajin circa January 2017. Too much lachmajin, I suppose, because then came my Kale bowl phase, followed by realizing I need bowls for said Kale bowls, so I ordered these bowls which happen to be the perfect size for personal salads.


February brought about one of the most ridiculous Super Bowl parties hosted by a girl who doesn't even understand football (too much math) and that girl is me. I ordered this grass rug and covered my dining room table in it and turned it into a literal football field using this tape to make the numbers (don't ask.) Other Super Bowl centric purchases: these skewers and these food trays for braised beef sliders, this cutlery, these plates, these cups, these chalkboard signs to identify the foods on display, these football centric cookie cutters, and this ridiculous banner. Lastly, I got these popcorn holders and this concession stand sign which may have been my favorite touch. I ended up having tons of leftovers which I gave away in my Tupperware, so I ordered this set which is oven safe (!!)

February also seems to have brought on a bout of organization. I ordered these bins which I use in my cabinets. One stores all my smaller baking pieces (baking powder, extracts, food colorings, yeast packets etc.) and the other houses all my nuts and grains. I also ordered this spice rack and transferred (almost) all my spices, using this funnel and this label maker to label all of said spice containers. I'm also the proud owner of this marble lazy susan which I store on my counter and top with all my oils and salts so I don't have to constantly open and shut cabinets. (And by open and shut cabinets I mean open cabinets, leave them open and only shut them when I've inevitably hit my head on a cabinet door.) Though I was taught to hide things in cabinets and not leave them on counters, this one's marble so I figure it can stay.


I guess I was inspired by my new lazy susan display, so I bought these oil bottles which are sleek and less cumbersome than the bottles oil usually comes in. I also ordered this very large bottle of cumin, which is weird because it definitely doesn't fit into my new, tiny spice jars. I found this Lodge Dutch Oven on Amazon and I immediately purchased it, rather than adding it my wedding registry and hoping someone purchases it for me. If you want something done do it yourself, they say. March is also the month my husband discovers large ice cubes for cocktails so we order this ice mold and whip it out when we have guests over. I guess you could say this is our party trick. Lastly, I ordered two of these cutting boards and I am happy to report 10 months later I am still very pleased with them.


I suppose in anticipation of picnic season, I order this insulated water bottle which is both very millennial pink and very pragmatic. It fits an entire bottle of wine and keeps it chilled for 12 hours. I guess I had a not so great Pesach because I order these fiber crackers which I've since reordered many, many, many times. (TMI?) I bite the bullet and order this mandoline after reading on The Strategist that it is mandoline to the stars, and by stars, I mean professional chefs. April is the month of my husband's birthday! So I buy him a bottle of scotch and these whiskey glasses which look a lot more expensive than they are and coincidentally pair well with last month's ice cube purchase. Then comes perhaps my favorite purchase of 2017 - my Amazon echo dot whos praises I've sung both here and here. I also order these clean mascara wands which I use to clean piping tubes and my KitchenAid (and, also, for my lashes.)


Ahh, May. May means Mother's Day brunch which I hosted and according to my Amazon history, I approached with the same psychosis I'd previously reserved for Super Bowl Sunday. I suppose my theme was floral (my mom does love flowers,) so I ordered these garden printed straws for iced coffee, these floral disposable plates, and these bud vases which I used to scatter peonies and ranunculus around my apartment. Mother's Day was also my first foray into babka (!!) which happens to be one of my mother's favorite desserts. I made this Apple one and I am happy to report it was a wild success. In preparation for said babka, I ordered vanilla bean paste (SOOOO good,) loaf pans and Uri Scheft's Breaking Breads which is an excellent book, though I do not use his babka recipe. I also ordered more of these mugs, this nut milk bag for cauliflower crust pizza (also a hit!) these cups for mini chocolate cakes and this caddy for disposable cutlery.

Some non Mother's Day items include this bowl which I have two of and use for rising yeast doughs like babka and challah (lots of room to grow.) I also celebrated my bridal shower in May during which I was gifted a sous vide (yay!) I bought this torch to try out on searing meats but since then have only used to make s'mores. Despite having received several cookbooks at my bridal shower I also bought myself a copy of Poopa Dweck's Aromas of Aleppo, which is pretty much the bible of Syrian Jewish cooking -- highly recommend.


June brought about my father's birthday and Father's Day. No, I didn't host this one, but my dad has become a late in life chef, so I got him some of my favorite kitchen items including the Lodge reversible grill/griddle pan, two Wusthof knives (at a steal of a price,) and some accessories for the cast iron. I also got him this Dad's cookbook which I thought was clever, but I'm fairly certain he's never opened. For myself, I purchased The Professional Chef, which is a culinary school textbook and excellent if you're looking to improve some of your basic cooking techniques. I also ordered this nail hardener which I use a base coat. This might not seem food-centric but constantly having your hands under water takes a toll on your nails and this thing works. Lastly, I ordered Soom's chocolate spread likely because I was stress eating chocolate over fiber crackers in the weeks leading up to my wedding.


I got married! And literally didn't buy anything besides more chocolate spread...go figure.

August, September, and October we lived in Germany and unfortunately, their Amazon Prime is not nearly as good as ours.


AHHH good old NYC. It was good to be back in the land of Amazon Prime access. My dishwasher was acting up so I had to treat it with some Glisten, which is really a dishwasher miracle worker. I also ordered Silan for this Spicy Silan Chicken (a must try!!) this kitchen scale, and this spatula which is an excellent spatula because it's so thin and it can really get under things. I took advantage of a Black Friday sale and got myself some gold cutlery from West Elm but quickly realized my napkin rings were silver, so I ordered these gold napkin rings which are so minimal they look expensive.


Are you sick of this yet? I hope not because December was a fairly busy month as far as Amazon purchases go. I got the Chef'n Citrus Juicer which I first used in someone else's home and immediately knew I needed. This thing can juice. I then ordered Bar Keeper's Friend which works wonders on stainless steel pots but even more so on my oven. I was shocked at how much gunk it removed. They should really call it Home Keeper's Friend but I digress... In anticipation of New Year's resolutions I bought VitaFiber Syrup which I'll often sneak into things that call for sugar, particularly salad dressings. December was the month I made my first sale! So there were a lot of business-centric purchases. These squirt bottles were excellent for icing sugar cookies for Chanukah, these four pounds loaf pans and these two pound loaf pans are the ones I use for my full and half size babkas, respectively. I use these boxes for cookie orders and these bags for my babkas. I also needed some pareve white chocolate chips which I couldn't find in stores, thank god for Amazon.

That's all folks! I hope you enjoyed going on this wild ride with me. I laughed, I cried, I hit reorder one too many times... you know the drill. Until next year ;)


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