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Purim 2018: Mishloach Manot

The thing about having a food blog, and even more so in selling dessert, is when it comes to Mishloach Manot the. pressure. is. on.

But these are really the moments I live for.

Growing up, my mother always made the most beautiful and elaborate mishloach manot. She's always had an eye for aesthetics, and if you were on her mishloach manot list, you were one of the lucky ones. She set the bar high and I could only hope to reach her level.

My process of making mishloach manot started backwards. I headed to the local Amazing Savings and saw what containers and trays they had. Though I originally wanted to make a babka, they had no nice containers big enough and so, babka bites were born. The small plastic containers were the perfect size for cookies, so I decided to include those as well. And though I originally was going to include wine, when I saw these "patisserie" trays, I knew a coffee packet would be the perfect choice.

The babka bites were made by using my standard Babka dough recipe. I rolled it out, cut it in half lengthwise and shmeared it with a heaping amount of Nutella. I then rolled it up and cut it into 1" pieces and then placed the pieces into cupcake holders. They're the perfect breakfast bite.

The cookies are also perfect, though I cannot take credit for the recipe. They come from Cookies & Cups, and yes, they're just as good made with margarine.

Need more purim ideas? Why not try a Babkatashen or Cookies and Cream Hamantashen?

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