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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day gifts are tough. How do buy a gift that accurately represents all your love and affection towards your mother? In short, you can't. But you can buy her some beautiful, some pragmatic and some even silly gifts. The good news is I've done the legwork so you don't have to. Here are some gifts for every type of mom, in every budget, all with shoppable links - just click the photos!

For the Enthusiastic Home Cook

Maybe she just started to cook, or maybe she's been cooking forever. Either way, these are great kitchen items that are often missed in the wedding registry process.

1. Kitchenaid Pasta Attachment - For many home cooks pasta is the last big feat. Make this year the year mom conquers homemade pasta. Bonus: you'll get to taste test.

2. Miyabi Chef's Knife - Recently I was cooking in my own mother's kitchen and I was shocked at how horrible her knives were. Every good home cook needs some real tools. If your mom hasn't bought knives since your friend sold her Cutco in high school, you've found your gift.

3. Cookbook Holder - Open your mother's cookbooks. Are they covered with water, sauce and dried on herbs? Get her these cookbook holders which take up less space on the counter and will keep her books clean.

4. Pasta Molds - If your mother is already a pro with her spaghettis and fettuccines but has yet to venture into fancy shapes, then these might be the perfect gift. She'll be whipping up tortellinis and raviolinis in no time.

For the Fit & Healthy Mom:

You've already got her the fitness video, the yoga mat, the new sneakers. These gifts are a bit more out of the box and mom will appreciate her new toys and your thoughtfulness.

1. Marc Jacobs Hybrid Fit Watch - If your fit mom has held out on a fitness watch for aesthetic reasons, this might just be the perfect gift. It looks like a cute Marc Jacobs watch but happens to be a fitness tracker that syncs with your smartphone too.

2. Salad for President Cookbook - The old adage is true: abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym. Get your mom this cookbook so she never has to eat a sad salad again.

3. Jonathan Adler Grapefruit Scented Candle - The signature scent of SoulCycle was sold out for many years but now it's available and with two-day shipping! If your mom loves SoulCycle she'll be comforted by this smell and surprised at how thoughtful you were.

4. Net String Shopping Bags - These bags were created for farmer's market shopping, but they actually serve many purposes. I use mine for everything from picnics to gym clothes. They're as chic as they are useful.

5. Bose Wireless Headphones - Speaking from experience the Apple Airpods are not for those with serious gym routines. Get her these instead, which have a hook for your inner ear and will stay in place through 100+ squat jumps.

For the Mom who Loves Entertaining at Home:

If she's got more standard hostess gifts than she knows what to do with, get her something she probably doesn't have rather than adding to that growing stack of serving platters.

1. Rose Box - Having to make the perfect flower arrangement (on top of everything else required for entertaining) is a drag. These rose boxes make it easy. They're affordable and chic as hell.

2. Gold Flatware - It's no secret that gold tablescapes are making a comeback and in a huge way. Flatware is the kind of thing we don't often think about (after we've registered for our wedding) so it makes a great gift. This set is simple and agreeable.

3. Sonos Speakers - Every party needs good music and for home entertaining that means good speakers. Sonos are the Rolls Royce of speakers and are guaranteed to kick her parties up a notch.

4. Michael Aram Salt and Pepper Shakers - For the moms who dinner party more than they dance party, this is a beautiful salt and pepper shaker she won't be embarrassed to put out.

5. Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager - After all that cooking, entertaining and cleaning momma needs a foot massage. Give her this gift that keeps on giving and she'll thank you after every party.

For the Mom You Want to Pamper (Because Maybe She Won't Pamper Herself)

Maybe she feels too guilty spending money on herself or maybe she just loves beauty products. These are sure to pamper gifts that will leave mom feeling like a million bucks.

1. Tom Ford Lipstick in Sable Smoke - I recently purchased this color after seeing it on a celebrity makeup artist's Instagram. Sure it's the most I've ever spent on lipstick but it's a universally flattering peachy nude, it's soft, hydrating and has great staying power.

2. Le Labo Coffee Body Scrub - I love anything Le Labo but it can be hard to choose scents for other people. Introduce mom to the brand with this exfoliating coffee scrub, since you already know she loves the smell of coffee.

3. La Mer Moisturizing Soft Cream - There's a reason this cream has a cult following. Sure it's a hefty price tag for a moisturizer but skin drinks this stuff in and she'll feel luxurious every time she puts it on.

4. Drunk Elephant Marula Oil - A cheaper alternative to the La Mer, this face oil likewise has a cult following. The scent is unobtrusive and there's something magical about slathering your face in oil.

5. Michael Aram Vanity Tray - So you've bought mom items 1-4, now where will they go? This Michael Aram Vanity Tray is so beautiful it'll motivate mom to never skip her nightly routine.

6. Marble Print Vanity Tray - A more affordable alternative to the Michael Aram, the marble print on this one is sure to match almost every mom's bathroom or vanity.

For the Insta-Mom

Whether she's a new mom who loves posting pictures of the baby, or a mom who discovered her passion for photography late in life, she needs at least one (but probably really all) of these gifts.

1. Smartphone Tripod - Ever wonder how people on Instagram record their stories without hands? Enter: the smartphone tripod. I am partial to this one because it keeps the phone locked in place and you can adjust the height of the legs for countertop or for the floor.

2. Felt Letter Board - These are all over Instagram and perhaps for good reason. Mix and match the letters to create perfect captions that are sure to catch her followers' attention.

3. iPhone Charging Case - Recording, scrolling, posting. It all eats up your battery at a rate that is sometimes alarming. I recently bought this case and it allows me to go an entire day without charging my phone. Truly a game changer.

4. Selfie Remote - Few things are more annoying than wasting 3 seconds of your precious 10 second insta-story fiddling with the phone. With this selfie remote. you can get the phone into place, make sure you look perfect and then click start. Perfect for regular selfie photos too.

5. Read This If You Want To Be Instagram Famous - I think this one is self-explanatory.

For the Homebody

If your mother still walks around in an old baggy t-shirt and flannel pajama pants it's time to step up her game. All of these gifts are practical, comfortable, but stylish and..err..socially acceptable.

1. Eberjey pajamas - I have given this gift to almost every person in my life and almost every time I get texts for weeks about how much they love the gift. Eberjey are the ultimate for soft, cute and cozy pajamas

2. Ugg slippers - If you're asking yourself are these worth the money the answer is yes. In fact, I'm wearing mine right now. They last literally forever so it's the last pair of slippers she'll ever need.

3. Sferra Cashmere Throw - If mom is walking around in an old blanket that she needs to furiously hide before company comes over, she needs this throw. It's as beautiful as is it cozy; she can use it for a blanket while watching tv and then fold up and display proudly on the couch when people comes over.

4. Nordstrom Terry Robe - There's a reason nice hotels always keep a robe in the closet; it's pretty much the mark of luxury. Buy her this robe knowing there's a good chance she may never leave the house again.

5. Bath Caddy - For the woman in your life who bathes forego the insta-trendy bath bombs and instead opt for this practical bath caddy. It holds a tablet, book, candle, phone and bottle of wine. What more could a girl want?


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