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I Donated My Body to Science & Drank Celery Juice Every Morning For One Week

Ok, I'm being dramatic.

Lately it seems like you can't escape the trend that is celery juice. If you've been living under a rock without Instagram access, people have been drinking 16 ounces of pure celery juice on an empty stomach, a trend popularized by the Medical Medium.

The celery juice claims are as dramatic as the title of this post. The Medical Medium himself claims that celery is a miracle juice, a powerful healer, and that if we knew it's true benefits, we'd all be drinking celery juice. I'm not sure how true that is - I'm generally weary of bombastic claims - but here's what I do understand and believe to be true about celery juice. Celery is low in calories but high in fiber, potassium, vitamin K and powerful antioxidants. And since there is seemingly no harm in consuming celery, I decided to jump on the celery juice bandwagon.

You might be thinking - why bother? Well, one thing you hear a lot about celery juice is that it's great for your gut. Despite, or maybe in spite of, being a food obsessive, I've suffered from IBS throughout my entire adult life. My symptoms are whacky, unpredictable and all over the board, so if drinking this juice could regulate me, that would be a huge bonus.

All that being said I emparted on my celery juice journey. It's been 7 days, here's what happened (and what didn't.)

1. I went to the bathroom, a lot: Before I can even finish my 16 ounces, I'm hit with the urge to use the bathroom. I don't always have to go immediately, but I can feel that things inside of me are starting to move. I recently started taking a vitamin (on recommendation of my doctor) that was backing me up so I really welcomed this new morning stool I was experiencing. I also noticed that sometimes I'd take several loose stools over the course of the morning, a kind of delayed onset if you will. I'm someone who likes that kind of release, but if you find going to the bathroom inconvenient, this isn't the juice for you.

2. I was very hungry: I didn't realize it right away but the cleanse effect of the juice was making me really, really hungry. I was trying to lose a couple of pounds to fit into my dress for an upcoming wedding so I was hoping to eat less but this wasn't the kind of hunger I could control. In fact, when I tried to, I failed. I went to sleep hungry one night (because I didn't really want to eat anything else) and woke up at 6:30am the next morning from hunger pangs. The morning of this wedding I drank my juice, then a coffee and then went to the gym. My stomach growled the entire hour I was at the gym. But despite eating more to satiate my appetite...

3. I lost weight: Nothing super significant, and if I'm being honest with myself I haven't been eating great, but I did quickly lose a couple pounds of water weight. I imagine when paired with a clean diet and exercise, this could be a great tool for more significant weight loss, particularly if you're someone who is motivated by the numbers on the scale.

4. I got a few pimples: This isn't to say that the celery juice caused these pimples. In fact, I'm sure it didn't, but I've heard several people say that it completely clears your skin, and I'm here to put that rumor to bed.

5. I still have a little bit of this cold: Last week my husband was generous enough to share his cold with me so on Wednesday, day 2 of celery juice, I woke up with a head cold. The cold has mostly dissipated but I still have some of the after effects of the cold - excess mucus, etc. I've been drinking celery juice this entire time and it hasn't sped up the process at all.

6. My stomach actually does feel better: After the initial hunger pangs subsided my hunger level is pretty much back to normal and I've noticed my stomach actually does feel better. I didn't feel gassy or bloated despite having both a cookie and french fries on Sunday. I generally live in a constant state of bloat so this is kind of a big deal for me.

So will I continue? Yes, absolutely. I always drank coffee first thing in the morning and I've always suspected this wasn't the best to consume first thing. (Something about your adrenals? I digress..) I'm someone who appreciates ritual and this one seems like a fairly easy one. I think I'll take a "don't stress if you miss one or two mornings" approach to the celery juice, but I'm excited to see what might happen with more sustained consumption. I plan to do an update post at the 30 day mark so watch this space!


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